Updates about me: Spoons for Austin

Latest post to my other blog, The Diary of an Ill Girl.


Extra/flare symptoms at this moment include: Fever, whole body is hot to touch (if you’re sitting next to me I feel like a furnace), a feeling I can only describe as my brain feels on fire &swollen like meningitis (Lol), hot face/facial flushing, hot and sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, headache, falling asleep, mental &physical exhaustion, dizzy; sudden inability to tolerate looking at busy patterns, lights, moving things; feeling extra braindead/dumb, sinus pain &sniffles, bladder discomfort, butterfly facial rash, and arm rash.. And of course my other usual everyday aches and pains.. My immune system is having an M.E./CFIDS flare. Seems to be post-exertional from my trip to Austin over the weekend. I’m sure some people saw my trip posts on FB and thought, “There’s no way she’s as sick as she says she is.” But what happens with people who have an illness like mine is that we pay…

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