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LDN low-dose naltrexone info

Below are links for information about the medicine that changed my life.

Quick points:
–It heals so many areas of you body: neuro, immune, endo, sexual reproduction, and more.
–It’s completely safe, safer than any prescription drug you could take. I’ve had zero side effects.
–It’s super cheap. Mine is $46 for a 3-month supply. $12/mo. I’d gladly pay more than that to save my life like it has.
–You do need a prescription but you don’t need insurance. You just call a doctor like Dr. Feeney for a phone consult and they fax you in a prescription to a pharmacy that mails it to you.
–It’s not a narcotic at all and it does not boost nor suppress your immune system as many people with immune system issues like lupus are afraid of. It’s not addicting at all.
–Make sure you start low and go slow in increasing your dose. Start at .5 mg and either go up .5 every 2 weeks or every month. The ONLY side effect people usually face is that you could get nauseated if you go up in dose too quickly, as your immune system is adjusting to being balanced and healed. Every one needs a different dose (up to 5 mg). I take 2.25 mg each night. You can take it at night or morning, which ever you prefer. I take it at night because it helps me sleep. Some people take it in the morning because it keeps them up at night.

Good documentary video about LDN

Cort Johnson LDN

LDN published research studies
LDN published in-vitro studies

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