Relapse Rollercoaster


On Saturday, July 4th I woke up feeling like my life was turned upside down compared to the functionality of the last 8 months. It took me until 7pm to manage my symptoms well enough to go sit in a lawn to watch fireworks. The next day, Sunday, July 5th was worse. I was shaking life a leaf in church and declined rapidly afterward. Whole body muscle spasms, extreme weakness, moments of neurological paralysis, so much pain, lack of postural control…always hard for me to describe it through brain fog when it was 10 days ago. The day after, Monday July 6th I was terrified at work because I could not work. I had to tell my boss I could only do a little work here and there, which is devastating to me because for the past 8 years I’ve never been able to keep a job. But this one…

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