Relapse Morning of Monday, August 3rd

Relapse info


On the morning of Monday, August 3rd when I woke up to begin my work-from-bed job on my laptop, I discovered I was relapsing with my ME/CFS.

I couldn’t get to the kitchen or bathroom at all at first. My legs wouldn’t work. My body felt like I had been in a bad car wreck or fallen down a long flight of stairs, from head to toe. I could feel “injuries” on my neck, back, legs and feet. My legs were the worst (usually my arms and neck are the worst). My calves were totally locked up and my knees had huge swelling and red/purple bruises covering them. Perhaps Tonya Harding’s cronies had taken a club to me while I slept.

When I managed to walk that day I used my cane and hobbled slowly with weird backward reverb of my upper body each time I took a step. I…

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