A week-long flare of some symptoms and the struggle of guilt


So the last week of August I had a relapse of my noise sensitivity, vertigo, and POTS symptoms. The vertigo was so bad I didn’t move my head if I could help it because it’d cause so much discomfort just to move it. The noise sensitivity was so bad even the sound of the A/C or normal ticks that houses make was excrutiating. I spent most of the weekdays in silence (at my house).  I’m on LDN now. I should have documented when I started it again. My memory is not so good lately. My work-from-bed job zaps my brain power and then I don’t have much brains left for much else.

The LDN is helping. I try to skip it a couple or few times a week because I think it stays more effective that way / my body doesn’t get as used to it. It’s not helping as…

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