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(You want an ice bucket challenge? I’m calling you out to donate to these people and you have 24 hours! 😉 )

Other Chronic Illness/Health Blogs

The following blog authors happen to be people that have made a big impact on my life in one way or another. They happen to have the best attitudes I’ve ever come across. But soon I will post other bloggers I don’t know personally/am less partial to, hah.

  • Love Yourself Green – Rachael Abel’s lifestyle changes blog recommended for those with chronic illness.
  • Simply Fresh Cooking – Rachael Abel’s healthy cooking blog recommended for those who may have food sensitivities or need to boost their immune system.
  • Titanium Kiss –  Rachelle Briton Miller’s blog about her courageous journey with chronic sclerosing osteomyelitis, autoimmune disease, and fighting to dominate the fashion world once again.
  • Invisible Diseases – Dr. Franky Dolan has an amazing attitude!! 🙂 Also, I especially love the videos of those with neuroimmune chronic invisible illnesses because it illustrates the definition of each disease well and provides a face/identity to the diseases, leaving a lasting impression.

Organization Websites

Organizations for dysautonomia (POTS included):

Organizations for M.E./CFS:

  • Phoenix Rising for M.E./CFS — I 100% back the research Phoenix Rising is doing for M.E./CFS! Me saying so is significant because the U.S. government is wasting millions of precious funds on terrible research for M.E./CFS that is totally on the wrong track despite the country’s leading experts and experienced patients writing letters for them to stop wasting the funds and reassign them to research such as Phoenix Rising. PLEASE DONATE to them!!!
  • Solve M.E./CFS Initiative – Research! PLEASE DONATE!
  • Cort Johnson – Highly recommended; will probably be the source of most of the articles I post; provides the newest, most accurate research on M.E./CFS in a journalistic summary fashion and also reports on fibromyalgia.

Helpful Chronic Illness/Health Articles (Non-research)

  • The Spoons Theory – If you have not read this yet, GO READ IT!!! I believe every one in the world should read this story! 🙂 It’s like a law of the universe, dude…

Latest Research Summaries on Invisible Illnesses/Health

I am very, very selective on what research articles I’ll provide here because some information out there about chronic illness is simply wrong.

Fibromyalgia (coming soon):

They have discovered tangible physical evidence of fibromyalgia in the body. This does NOT in any way explain a CAUSE of fibro; it explains a SYMPTOM.

M.E./myalgic encephalomyelitis -aka- chronic fatigue immune deficiency disorder/CFIDS -aka- chronic fatigue syndrome/CFS (coming soon):

  • A Biomarker/Test to Validate M.E./CFS!! – I will provide a layman’s summary later. I did not sleep well this week and am about to crash.
  • Differentiating Between CFS/M.E. and Fibromyalgia – What is the difference between CFS and fibro? How can I tell which ones I have?
  • (Article coming soon about:) They have discovered more physical evidence of CFS again. We have brain inflammation and erosion! Next time your doctor tells you it’s in your head, tell him/her, “Yeah, it’s in my brain!”

Peer-reviewed Evidence-based Published Scientific Journal Articles

Coming soon!!!


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