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Brain fog..What day is it again?! (checking every half hour) How long ago did the weekend happen? Oh wow, it was just yesterday!!! What did I do this morning and what am I supposed to be doing today and this week? I can NOT figure out the answer….Brain Fog Meme

Chronic illness is the craziest longest hellish marathon every day of your life. It’s like walking a tight rope trying to juggle your spoons (for spoons meaning click on “quick terminology” page at the top of this page) and if you fall you could pay dearly physically (pacing and energy efficiency). Don’t look back, don’t look down, and keep looking straight ahead. It’s so hard to keep your eyes on good things and your thoughts from being discouraged. It’s okay to have a good cry sometimes! 😉 It’s tempting to look back at “before the illness,” but we must accept our journey for what it is, be here now in the present, and stay faithful and hopeful for the future. Do not compare yourself to others. That’s dangerous, as everyone seems to be moving on with life and leaving us behind, stuck here in place waiting for our lives to start again. We’ve got to guard our hearts through it. Humor is a God-send and I make a point to enjoyably laugh at how interesting my life is every time I make a brainfog mistake. We’ve got to keep a positive courageous attitude so that people can focus on the illness and helping us build awareness, rather than people see discouraged attitudes and reinforce the stigma of, “It’s all in your head.”

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