Awareness: An article – The difference between CFS and fibro; A poll – Fatigue versus pain

To differentiate in regards to fatigue, while fatigue is one symptom of fibromyalgia, the fatigue of CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) is far, far more extreme. CFS and fibro also come along with different neuroimmune symptoms – they are not “just pain” or “just fatigue.” Personally, of all of them, my CFS is by far the most disabling, my POTS comes second, and my fibro comes last. Out of thousands of people who have┬áboth fatigue and pain as part of their fibro and commented on which of the 2 is personally more disabling, every single person said the same thing (their fatigue is more disabling┬áthan their pain); not a one said otherwise. I have had CFS all my life, I got both fibromyalgia and POTS/dysautonomia at 18, and my CFS became more severe at 22.

This article on how to differentiate between CFS and fibromyalgia is helpful. Cort Johnson, the source, is one of the best resources for ME/CFS and fibromyalgia research and is highly recommended.


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August 23, 2014